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No matter what your purpose of using a screen video recorder - creating video tutorials, preparing a college project, recording a video call from your distant friend, or documenting software bugs - Screen Recorder Free offers you many flexible options that will help you record the screen activity in high quality. There are more features listed below. Download it to experience the features.
Region appearance: rectangle

More Features are Here:

Region appearance: rectangle - set recording region appearance as glowing rectangle.

Region appearance: corners

Region appearance: corners - set recording region appearance as glowing corners.

Minimize recorder before capture

Minimize recorder before capture - minimize recorder to leave your desktop free enough for you to record screen activity.

Restore recorder after capture

Restore recorder after capture - revert to the recorder when the recording process is finished.

Video priority

Video priority - set the priority of the recorder process from Idle, Lowest, Lower, Normal, Higher, Highest and TimeCritical.

Color mode

Color mode - choose recorder color mode from 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit.

Rec type

Rec type - three different compression types - No Compress, Compress on Fly and Compress after Record are available.

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